About us

Established in 1980 by Abdul Sattar Khadbai, PAK BURMA TRADERS is the exclusive importer of FIAM LIGHTING in Pakistan. In the start PAK BURMA TRADERS dealt in parts of lighting fixtures but in 1998 it became the first wholesaler to bring imported lighting products to our local market. Due to immense hard work and good reputation, PAK BURMA TRADERS secured exclusive distribution of FIAM LIGHTING products in Pakistan in 2002. Over the years, FIAM has emerged as a reputable brand of lighting fixtures and luminaries by providing our clients with top quality products. PAK BURMA TRADERS has associated itself with retailers, who like us, are committed in providing quality products and services to its customers. Working as a family, PAK BURMA TRADERS and its associates have worked tirelessly for the success of FIAM in Pakistan and they have been expanding their footprints across the country and shall continue to do so.

Our Brands

Our Brands: FIAM has become a nationwide brand with distributors all across Pakistan. In a short span of time FIAM has captured majority of the quality market share by providing quality products at a reasonable price. The company has ventured into all categories of lighting fixtures. Due to this, demarcation of the final products has become difficult. As a result of this, customers cannot associate with a particular type of fixtures with any specific brand. Therefore the company has decided to use four brands instead of one. Below mentioned are the four brands:
FIAM- Commercial lighting fixtures
MACY- Decorative indoor lighting
LAVOV- Advance led lighting solutions
ARTILUX- Panel lights solutions

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